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Has 2024 already brought you a lot of good things? In any case, Clarity AG wishes you all the best for the year 2024, which is already in full swing. In the usual format, you will find information below on innovations relating to the Clarity Communication Center and on the following current topics:


  • News from the Communication Center
  • Clarity seeks talent
  • The art of the workstation
  • How to get off to a good start in spring
  • Buchverlosung: “Do less, achieve more!”

News from the Clarity Communication Center

The new version of the Clarity Communications Center (CCC2024) will be released in the coming months. Below you will find a preview of the exciting new features that will open the Clarity year:
Automatic task distribution
This function introduces a completely new type of queue. In addition to the functions already familiar to CCC users, such as live chats and calls, previously defined tasks can now be assigned completely automatically with Automatic Task Distribution (ATD). ATD also opens up a wide range of other integration options. Organizations that use a ticket system, for example, will benefit in particular. With the new feature, the ticket is automatically opened for agents. This significant optimization of the workflow is made possible by using the executor plugin. Many other integrations with other systems are possible and ensure that every request is answered in the best possible way and that the efficiency of the team increases significantly.
Core Service Prometheus Exporter
The Core Service Prometheus Exporter (CSPE) is a Windows service that provides call metrics in Prometheus format. It enables even more detailed insights into the performance of the call center, such as possible bottlenecks, current activities and also shows potential for improvement. With the integration of Core Service Prometheus, data can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. To simplify visualization, individual dashboards can be created at will using Grafana.
Service Prometheus Exporter (CSPE)
Call Alerts
The call alarm function enables the individual configuration of different alarm numbers. Each alarm number can be assigned a meaningful name and a specific announcement, which is then played in an emergency. Optionally, the alarm numbers can be protected with a PIN to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. It is up to the customer to decide whether the alarm numbers should only be accessible internally or both internally and externally. This flexibility makes it possible to adapt the alerting system precisely to the needs and requirements of the respective company. It goes without saying that various targets can be defined who should be notified in the event of an alarm. Whether all numbers, specific groups, locations or individual numbers are to be used as targets is freely selectable. This ensures that the right people or departments are reached quickly and effectively to ensure a rapid response to the emergency. If an alarm number is called, all defined destinations are automatically contacted. Even active calls at the destinations are interrupted to play the emergency announcement. This ensures that the message arrives as quickly as possible and that no important information is lost.
Clarity AG is convinced that this new feature will make a significant contribution to safety and efficiency.
The call alarm function in the new CCC2024 version can be purchased as an option.

Clarity seeks talent

For the coming training year starting August 1, 2024, Clarity AG is still looking for motivated trainees for the following professions IT specialist in application development and IT specialist specializing in system integration. Students who would prefer to combine theoretical content with practical experience are also welcome to apply! If you, dear reader, know any committed young adults, please forward this information to them.

Clarity AG is also looking for a (Senior) Account Manager (m/f/d) in the area of new customer acquisition to support the growing organization. Is sales your passion? Then we look forward to receiving your application!


The art of the workstation

The topic of “living and working without boundaries” is currently the subject of lively debate and is attracting a lot of attention under the hashtags #four-day week, #homeoffice and #workation. In an increasingly digitalized world in which flexible working models are gaining in importance, a new form of working is emerging. People who take the approach of combining work and vacation are gathering under the hashtag #Workation. This modern way of working makes it possible to be productive and enjoy the benefits of a vacation at the same time. Workation, a combination of “work” and “vacation”, describes the concept of combining professional tasks and relaxation in a harmonious way. More and more professionals are recognizing the advantages of this fusion and are using the technological possibilities of the Clarity Communication Center to be productive anywhere in the world. All that is needed is Internet access and users can work as if they were in the office, making it child’s play to complete their tasks from any location.

How to get off to a good start in spring

In the last newsletter, all readers benefited from a discount with our health partner Health Rise. This resulted in a lot of positive feedback. As the flu season is not yet over and the promotion was so well received by readers, Health Rise GmbH and Clarity AG have decided to repeat this promotion once again. With the code CLARITY24, all readers will receive a 10% discount on all health products at Health Rise up to and including Easter.

If you want to know how to effectively strengthen your immune system right away, you can find a recipe for a natural antibiotic here.

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