Innovative and

Clarity is a multiple award-winning provider of innovative communication solutions. Clarity’s systems connect today’s world with tomorrow’s – so that companies do not miss any communication trend and can invest future-proof.
Clarity AG is headquartered in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Germany. Its customers are companies of all sizes and from all sectors, including numerous Forbes 2000 companies. They all handle millions of voice calls through Clarity systems every day.


Clarity AG was founded in 2000 by the current CEO, Christoph Pfeiffer, together with a former fellow board member, Markus Losch. Over the past few years, the company has developed a highly sophisticated product with more than 8 million lines of code and more than € 30 million invested to date.
Since its inception, its investors have included leading global investment firms, banks of various sizes and the founder’s investment vehicles. In addition to representative offices abroad, Clarity AG has so far managed seven companies in Germany and abroad as wholly-owned subsidiaries, as well as minority interests in other technology companies. Through its own presence and partner organisations, Clarity systems have been implemented in more than a dozen countries.

Mission and vision

Our mission

Internet and
Phone united

Our mission is to provide outstanding communications solutions to people and organizations around the world. At the heart of everything we do are our customers, partners and employees, as well as passionate pursuit of excellence and responsible action in all our areas of activity. The aim is to take communication solutions to a new – unprecedented – level and to enable companies to achieve the best possible business processes in all aspects of communication that are designed to be simple, efficient and automated.

Unsere Vision

Everything runs
about the language

In this context – not only in the course of increasing mobilization – spoken language also plays a special role. It will become a ubiquitous interface for digital services. Simple voice commands will shortcut navigation through nested menus. Access devices will evolve into a wirelessly connected button on the ear, worn with the same matter-of-factness as wristwatches, tie pins and glasses.
The cell phone will still have a display. But it will stay in the inside pocket of your jacket most of the time, because the operation is completely via voice and headset. You’ll only need to pick up your phone to view images or graphics you’ve downloaded via voice command – or when you change jackets. Voice services will be as versatile as the Internet, as easy as making a phone call, and as natural as chatting over the garden fence. Voice portals are becoming a constant companion in everyday life, as personal, unobtrusive and indispensable as a calendar.

Corporate Social



On the way to the Champions League

Clarity also stands for Charity
With selected projects and individual measures, Clarity AG would also like to support charitable as well as non-profit organizations and thus contribute to projects that it considers forward-looking, humane and meaningful for society. Particularly noteworthy is the support of the TTC OE Bad Homburg 1987 e. V. This won the 2nd Bundesliga in the spring of 2023 in the Clarity Arena in sovereign and is now striving for a place in the Champions League. The club stands for fair play, team spirit and top performance, which corresponds to the values of Clarity AG in a special way. People are the focus of Clarity AG’s actions – social responsibility is the basis for excellence in quality, customer service and innovation. Clarity AG is also your partner when it comes to trusting cooperation and top performance.

Clarity also supports the Life Courage Hotline with donated technology and free service. This hotline has set itself the goal of helping all people free of charge and anonymously with compassion and mindfulness in the current challenging times.

Furthermore, Clarity AG has been actively supporting the Human Brain e. V.( since 2010. The organization advises children and young people as well as their parents and helps to identify development opportunities and potential goals for the future of the child or young person.

If you have any questions about our company or our specific CSR activities, or if you would like to support us in this regard, please feel free to contact us!