Board of directors

As the founder and CEO of Clarity AG, Christoph Pfeiffer was responsible for the successful development of the company from the very beginning. During this time, the Clarity Communication Center was created, with more than 30 million Euros invested in its development, which has led to hundreds of customer projects in more than 10 countries, several dozen of which have taken place at Forbes 2000 companies. Previously, as Chief Financial Officer, he successfully led media[netCom] AG to the “Neuer Markt” of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July 2000. Before that, after obtaining his diploma in business administration with a focus on “data processing”, he managed software projects for Ernst & Young in Hong Kong, USA and various European countries. The Economic Forum Germany honored Pfeiffer with the “National Leadership Award”. Pfeiffer has also won four awards in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition initiated by Ernst & Young. In addition to other awards, he received the “Innovative Medium-Sized Business” entrepreneurial prize from the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken. Since 2005, his assessments of global economic development have been published regularly in “Prognose der 100” by Societäts- and Dielmann-Verlag, respectively.