May makes many things new

May brings a lot of news at Clarity AG. For current features and further optimizations, see the following articles on these topics:


  • New features for the Clarity Communication Center
  • Did you know? – Clarity Report Constructor
  • Snom – Expansion of the portfolio according to customer needs
  • Book giveaway: “The Change Code: How people get excited about change and win companies with it”.

New features for
Clarity Communication Center


Executor plugin in Clarity Client for Web

The Executor plugin has been included as a plugin in the Clarity Communication Client for years and is used by many Clarity customers. This popular plugin will also find its way into the Clarity Client for Web. For example, under “Settings” you can create your own buttons to access web pages. In addition, each user can define actions, which are executed after certain action triggers.

executor plugin I
Both the opening of web pages and the sending of HTTP requests as well as call forwarding can be freely configured as actions. The created executor buttons can be made available to all other users of the system.
Executive plugin II

Clarity Client for Web as Progressive Web Application on Desktop

The Clarity Client for Web is known as the Clarity CTI client for the web browser. Now this can also be used as a so-called “Progressive Web Application” on the desktop. The Progressive Web Application combines the features of a desktop application with those of a browser application. Thus, the web client can be run directly with a desktop icon and displayed as a separate program in the taskbar. One advantage of this is that it is independent of the web browser, which makes it easier to distinguish the Clarity Client for Web from it. Using the Progressive Web Application also ensures that the user does not close the telephony application at the same time when closing the browser.

web progressive app

Did you know?
Clarity Report Constructor

In this article, we revive a well-known section that has been requested by many readers. Here you can learn more about the Clarity Communication Center and the Clarity Report Constructor.

The Clarity Report Constructor is the comprehensive web statistics tool for evaluating telephone activities in the Clarity Communication Center. Clarity customers are mostly enthusiastic about the scope and flexibility that this web tool has to offer. Now learn more about features and facts you may not have known before:

Freely define statistics formulas

The statistics in the Clarity Report Constructor can be displayed in tabular and graphical form. In the statistics table you can choose from more than 90 predefined key figure types. However, if these are not enough for you, you can also easily calculate your own columns using numerical functions.

To do this, select the “Define self” function in the columns submenu on the right side of the report. The column calculator opens, with which you can also insert the predefined key figure types into the calculator with the “ADD” key. For example, the average total call time can be calculated from the sum of the key figures for the average ring time and the average total talk time. There are no limits to the end user’s calculations.

Send statistics by e-mail and export to Excel

The statistics in the Clarity Report Constructor are not only available as a web tool in the browser, but can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file at the click of a button. This allows you to easily evaluate statistics and model graphics in a familiar Excel environment. To download the statistics as an Excel file, you can press the “Excel” button in the “Report” window.

It is also possible to send the created reports once or in regular time intervals quite simply automated by e-mail. To do this, simply click the “Report” window on the “Email” button and you will be able to set the recipient email addresses, the subject as well as the text of the email alongside the frequency and time of sending.
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Snom -
according to customer needs
Portfolio expansion

Long-time Clarity partner and one of the market leaders in VoIP endpoints Snom has released two phone models customized to customers in Q1 2022. We are talking about the D385N and D785N models. A partner survey revealed that 97% of respondents do not use the Bluetooth function within the high-end phones of the D3XX and D7XX series (D385 and D785) and do not see any use for it in the medium term. This is how the price-reduced D385N and D785N devices were created. These two high-end phones do not have Bluetooth functionality while retaining the rest of the features of the D385 and D785 devices.
In addition to the two customized high-end models, a brand-new model for the entry-level price segment was announced. This model is part of the D7XX series and is called D713. With the new D713, Snom expands its portfolio with a desk phone for use in public spaces or call centers with hundreds to thousands of workstations. Here, the most common choice is to use IP terminals that are as slim but functional as possible, combining a user-friendly design with high effectiveness, low power consumption and good affordability. The new D713 combines exactly these features. Designed for HD audio, the IP phone promises high-class, crystal-clear voice quality. With its TFT color display and two Gigabit ports, the D713 also supports six SIP identities and offers four freely programmable function keys equipped with LEDs. On top of that, there is the proven security, interoperability and versatile firmware known from Snom phones including remote configuration via SRAPS (“Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service”).

Book giveaway: "The Change Code:
and win companies with it"
How people get excited about change

Der Change Code
“It is high time that the bungling of change stops,” is the provocative statement of change expert Dr. Dieter Lederer. In his latest book, “The Change Code,” he reveals how this works. His surprisingly simple solution: He invites people to consistently focus on what they need to be excited about transformation and change.

The rate has remained unchanged for years: Three quarters of all change programs in companies go wrong. They do not deliver what they are supposed to. With the consequence that money, motivation and competitiveness dwindle. Given the immense challenges and upheavals facing companies and managers, it’s high time that the bungling of change stopped.

Dr. Dieter Lederer wonders why managers and executives are still content with more or less successful corporate change and thus risk competitive disadvantages? For him, the right approach is clear: “By focusing on the change strategy, leadership behavior and dealing with feelings, you turn your change programs inside out for once and consistently focus on what matters in transformation processes: people and their needs. The advantage is obvious. Changes that reach and motivate people emotionally trigger trust, joy or even enthusiasm.”

With “The Change Code”, Lederer delivers a practical and easy-to-implement compendium of people-oriented change and transformation. And changes that consequently bring the expected entrepreneurial benefits without detours make companies strong.

In cooperation with Wiley Verlag, Clarity is giving away two copies of the book “Der Change Code” by Dr. Dieter Lederer.

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