Many innovations to close the year 2021

the last newsletter of the year 2021 brings you numerous news from the areas of software and hardware. Feel free to read more on the following hot topics:

  • November update of the Clarity Communication Center 2021
  • Homeoffice – Come to stay
  • The new D8XX series from Snom – Inspiration becomes reality
  • Book Giveaway: “Kubernetes: A Compact Introduction”

of the Clarity Communication Center 2021

Clarity is pleased to introduce the November update for Clarity Communication Center 2021. This update contains many new features with a focus on the web client (Clarity Client for Web).


The queue feature is now also included in the web client and can even be used in a simplified way. Now the subscriber can easily log in and out of hotlines in the web client. With one click the total overview is displayed, so that one can see all hotlines at a glance.

Warteschlangen hotlines

Improvements for conversations

For chat conversations, there are now some usability improvements. For example, files such as images and videos are displayed with a small preview when they are sent. This allows you to see directly what the content of the sendings is.

Verbesserung der Konversationen

Conference moderation

With the new conference moderation, you can easily administer individual participants during a conference. This way, speech rights can be given and revoked, ensuring a regulated and clear conference flow. For the time being, this feature will be available in the backend (Web Management Tool). The integration into the web client will follow.

Konferent Moderation

Redesign of the telephony window

In addition to functional updates, the November update also includes design improvements. For example, the telephony window has been redesigned so that active calls, held calls and incoming calls can all be viewed at a glance. This redesign makes it possible to work in the service center or in the head office with the web client.

Redesign telefonie fenster

New training opt-in process

The training function is an essential and effective feature for training a new employee. The employee, who talks to customers and prospects on the phone, hears next to them a supervisor/colleague, who can whisper words to him, if the employee once does not know what to do. This feature is very popular in the service and contact center sector. The person on the other side of the line is usually unaware that another person is listening in on the conversation.

In order to legally secure the training function, Clarity AG has developed the training opt-in feature. Now customers can be notified that they are speaking with a service representative who is in training. Customers can use the DTMF dial field in the queue to decide whether the trainer can listen in on the entire conversation or just the voice of the colleague. In this way, the customer is given the freedom to determine for himself whether his call can be listened in on.

Besides the mentioned features, the November update includes many more features. Information on these is available on request from your sales team or your trusted service contact.

Homeoffice –
came to stay

Current studies on the topic of home office are looking at the consequences that will affect the labor market in the long term after the “Corona” years. From these, we can conclude that home offices will continue to be widespread in the labor market in the future.

In addition to the traditional and often mentioned advantages for employees, such as independence of location, flexibility and the elimination of fuel costs, there will also be the recruitment of competent employees in the future. Finding qualified employees is challenging enough, especially those who live in close proximity or are willing to relocate are becoming increasingly rare. Over time, this makes home office job opportunities more and more attractive on the job market.


The good news: home office has never been easier!

The Clarity Communication Center makes working with Softphone from home easy and hassle-free. Whether back-office or service staff, the One-Number concept always routes incoming and outgoing calls to the office extension to the desired communication device, be it the cell phone, the softphone or the in-house telephone. The displayed number always remains the office phone number. This means that costs for company cell phones and the involuntary disclosure of private phone numbers are history.

The new D8XX series from Snom -
Inspiration becomes reality

D8xx Serie Snom
The globally established manufacturer of premium IP phones for enterprises is constantly setting new standards in terms of user orientation and versatility of its products through its lived market proximity. Since the success of technical end devices is increasingly determined by their adaptability to user preferences and environments, the development of the broadest possible platform was given high priority.
Snom Telefon 2
With the new 8xx series, Snom now provides a concrete answer to the question of what a business phone must offer today. And in doing so, Snom has not only been guided by its experience, but has put all functionalities to the test anew. The result is a far-reaching change in hardware, software and design: all have the new space-saving case in common, with large, swiveling IPS displays. Furthermore, the user can decide for himself what is additionally required: Camera, video, handset cable or DECT-based handset, touch display or not, based on Android or Linux – “everything can, nothing must” applies when equipping this new generation of IP phones.