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in 2022 there will be a lot of good news about the developments around the Clarity Communication Center. Feel free to read more on the following hot topics:

  • New year: New features for the Clarity Communication Center
  • Yealink T58W and the T58W Pro – The new elite desktop solution
  • Partner presentation of Brainformatik GmbH
  • Successful in the new work reality – Book giveaway: “The power of virtual distance”.

New year: New features for the Clarity Communication Center

Clarity kicks off 2022 with a glimpse into the near future of the latest features for Clarity Client for Web and Clarity Communication Center.

Phone number selection

This feature from the Clarity Communication Client, which was requested by many Clarity customers, now also finds its place in the Clarity Client for Web. With a simple drop-down menu, other phone numbers can be easily selected. After clicking on the available number, it will be shown in the display of the other party.


Call pickup function

An important and beloved feature will now be applied in the Clarity Client for Web as follows. By clicking on the new ring icon in the subscriber overview, calls from a colleague can now be picked up very easily.

Call Pickup Funktion

New conference button

The Conference button in the Clarity Client for Web has also received two new features. Start new conference calls by entering several phone numbers in one line and then clicking the conference button.

neuer Konferenz Button
In addition, it is now also possible to add any number of phone numbers to an already started call. Thus, a new conference is formed ad hoc for e.g. team meetings or customer meetings
Call Pickup Funktion I
Microsoft Teams

Use of the MS Teams softphone

In addition to the integrated softphone and your own mobile device, you can now make and receive calls in the Clarity Client for Web using the Microsoft Teams Client. This gives the user more freedom in the ways they can use the Clarity Communication Center.

Google Kontakte

Full integration of Google contacts as a source for address books

In Clarity Communication Center you can synchronize your address books with existing Google contacts, so that they can be found on an overview in the address book. Now you can view contacts from Active Directory as well as from Google contacts at a glance in Clarity Client.

Proxy and reverse proxy server support

This backend feature allows requests from proxy and reverse proxy servers to be received by the Clarity Communication Center. On the one hand, clients and servers of users within the own network can be reached via internal links, on the other hand, access to internal resources of users outside the own network is also possible via public links. In this way, Clarity offers you further options for expanding safety standards and flexibility.

Yealink T58W and the T58W Pro -
The new elite desktop solution

Yealink Elite Desktop Lösung

The new T58W series consists of 4 models for specific customer needs. Two models with corded handset – T58W (without camera) and T58W with camera and two more models with Bluetooth cordless handset – T58W Pro (without camera) and T58W Pro with camera.

The window to simple and efficient collaboration

The desktop phone can be more than a tool for audio calls. The T58W Series offers immersive interaction and collaboration experiences and is a top-of-the-line communication tool with its HD video capability, 7-inch touchscreen and new user interface.

Free from cable constraints, free from noise

To make a call with a desk phone, you no longer have to sit around the table. Yealink T58W series uses innovative Bluetooth handset to enable free wireless communication. In addition, Yealink’s professional hardware and state-of-the-art acoustic algorithms make the T58W series an expert in noise reduction, ensuring that every conversation remains clear as well as focused.

Yealink Elite Desktop Lösung I

Powerful chipsets, Android 9.0-based performance

Yealink MP series is equipped with new powerful chipsets that give the device stability and sustainability to optimize performance and durability. The Android 9.0 operating system not only ensures a fast response and a smooth interactive experience, but also improves the firmware and data encryption to a higher level of security.

The T58W (Pro), with its unbox-to-go settings and high security level, is ideal for the personal desktop, either on-site or in the home office, to realize HD audio/video collaboration with clarity, flexibility and reliability

Partner presentation of Brainformatik GmbH

Optimized work processes with CRM+ from Brainformatik GmbH

Brainformatik GmbH provides companies with a customized CRM solution called CRM+. With over 15 years of experience in the CRM industry, her software is available to assist customers with daily challenges.

The software company offers more than just development – the service makes the difference! The best possible quality is ensured with personal support, training, and constant expansions and improvements.

As a German company, Brainformatik stands for trust and security. For secure data protection and DSGVO-compliant work processes, it offers German cloud hosting or on-premise installations.

The cooperation with Clarity came about through orders from a mutual customer. The mission: to enable intuitive telephony from CRM+ with the already existing Clarity Communication Center. With the interface documentation provided as well as the customer’s test system, an easy-to-use and target-oriented connection of the Clarity Communication Center to CRM+ could be developed. The combination of CRM+ and the Clarity Communication Center thus also enables uncomplicated telephony on the CRM side. Outgoing calls can be made easily via Click2Dial, and for incoming calls a pop-up appears live with all the stored information about the contact and the associated company. CRM+ delivers absolute transparency with 360-degree customer overview.

Successful in the new work reality -
Book launch: "The power of virtual distance"

The digital age brings new complications and challenges. Home offices, increasing reliance on electronic communications, and the rise of virtual interactions has led to a phenomenon called “virtual distance.” In their book “The Power of Virtual Distance,” Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski and Richard R. Reilly show how companies can use clever solutions to achieve previously untapped competitive advantages.

Our behavior is influenced by the three components of physical distance, operational distance, and affinity distance. They have an effect not only when dealing with people far away, but even to colleagues sitting right next to us. Virtual distance leads to measurable dysfunction in teamwork, innovation, and leadership effectiveness. It doesn’t have to be that way, Karen Sobel Lojeski and Richard R. Reilly are convinced.

In their book, “The Power of Virtual Distance,” they offer specific and proven solutions that can reverse these trends while turning them into a strategy to achieve untapped competitive advantage. The book is a must-read for executives who want to understand the realistic and quantifiable costs of the virtual workplace. For the first time, by applying a mathematical approach called the “Virtual Distance Ratio,” they can wisely manage virtual employees and accurately determine the particular impact of virtual distance on the organization’s critical success factors. Beyond business metrics, the authors show how to make employees less isolated, more integrated, and thus restore meaning and well-being to employees.
“The Power of Virtual Distance” additionally offers an award-winning analysis surveyed among numerous executives, presenting situations and solutions from more than 36 industries in 55 countries around the world.
According to the two management thought leaders, “Everyone in an organization can benefit from reading it by discovering how to improve financial metrics, innovation, trust, employee engagement, satisfaction, and other key performance indicators. And perhaps best of all, following the recommended actions to reduce virtual distance will give the entire workforce the tools they need to bring meaning, purpose and an invigorated sense of belonging back into the workplace and everyday life.”

In collaboration with Wiley Publishing, Clarity is giving away a copy of the book “The Power of Virtual Distance” by Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski and Richard R. Reilly.