Unified Communications

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Unified Communications


More efficient workflows, a better customer experience, and happier customers and colleagues.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) describes the integration of different communication channels within an organisation. With UCC, all communication services such as traditional telephony, video conferencing, video telephony, messaging, e-mail, meeting boards with integrated whiteboards and even the dying fax can be used conveniently and efficiently from a single device. This helps companies to optimise their communications and business processes. Modern solutions are often available, but they are stand-alones, that do not work together. For example, there is a programme for team chat, video telephony or conferencing. The Clarity Communication Center brings together all relevant communication services in the Clarity Client on a central user interface and supports the user in selecting the right device at the right time. It enables access to any communication service at any time and from any location. Accessibility has never been easier!