Much news for the start of carnival!

Exciting news for the start of carnival awaits you in this newsletter on the following topics:

  • News about the Clarity Communication Center 2023
  • Jabra Evolve2 Buds: Bluetooth headphones designed for hybrid working
  • Product introduction: Snom D862 and D865
  • Book giveaway: “Planet We” by Georgios Zervas & Peter Spiegel

News about the
Clarity Communication Center 2023

The year 2023 will bring exciting innovations to the Clarity Communication Center. Consequently, you will be introduced to some new features below:


Clarity e-mail service

The Clarity Email Service is a new backend component that allows Clarity administrators to edit system emails using multiple templates and a text editor. Thus, e-mails such as accompanying texts to reports from the Clarity Report Constructor, when sending codes for 2-factor authentication as well as possible notifications for missed calls can be freely designed as desired.

2 factor

Google Authenticator for 2FA

According to a study by security tech firm Comparitech, more than 71 million people are victims of a cybercrime each year. Protection against third-party access has never been more important. 2-factor authentication makes access to accounts much more secure.

Until now, 2-factor authentication in the Clarity Communication Center has always been via confirmation by e-mail or SMS. In addition to the usual methods of confirmation, there will now be the option to confirm 2-factor authentication using a temporarily generated code from the Google Authenticator app. This code is regenerated every 30 seconds, leaving very little to no room for cyber criminals to access your Clarity account.

Selection of participants for ad hoc conferences

The Clarity Client for Web will also receive many new features this year. One of these features relates to the ability to now create ad-hoc conferences from all active and held calls. However, here you can specifically select which participants should be included in the conference and which should still be kept on the line.


Jabra Evolve2 Buds:
Bluetooth headphones designed for hybrid working

At the end of 2022, Jabra has released a new and innovative model in the Evolve2 family – the Jabra Evolve2 Buds.

The Jabra Evolve2 Buds are easy to store in any pocket with their compact carrying shape. In addition to comfort, Evolve2 Buds bring professional-quality hearing and speech to the table, making hybrid work easy and enjoyable. With the new Jabra Multisensor Voice™ technology, which consists of four microphones, bone-conducting sensors and advanced algorithms, distracting background noise can be filtered out.

Jabra Kopfhöhrer
Thanks to the charging case that fits in any pocket, the Evolve2 Buds offer up to 33 hours of battery life. And when the battery runs low, the quick charge function gives you an hour of extra battery life in just five minutes. The charging case is Qi certified and supports wireless charging. When you buy the bundle, the wireless charging pad is included.
Clarity Karneval
The winning combination of a snug-fitting, noise-isolating seat and active noise cancellation (ANC) helps find a quiet moment whenever (and wherever) you need it. Use the MyFit feature in the Jabra Sound+ app to find the optimal fit for best possible ANC performance.
For further questions about Jabra products, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +49 6172 1388-560.

Product introduction: Snom D862 and D865

Our partner Snom had announced the new D8XX series at the beginning of 2022. In the following, we would like to introduce you to two models:

The Snom D862 is a stylish entry-level device of the Snom D8XX series which is ideally suited for any desk with its elegant design.

It combines advanced technology, excellent voice quality and an attractive design in one device. Equipped with a high-quality, 40° continuously adjustable 5″ LCD screen, it always provides a very good overview, regardless of the lighting situation at the workplace. The 8 freely programmable function keys are ideal as BLF keys or for storing speed dials as well as a variety of other functions.
The Snom D865 is particularly versatile and thus offers the right solution for most tasks in everyday office life.
Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and 2 USB ports as well as 10 freely programmable function keys, the Snom D865 fulfills every wish. In addition, it comes with a high-quality, 40° continuously adjustable 5″ LCD screen, which always ensures an optimal display, regardless of the lighting situation at the workplace.

Apart from that, the voice quality is outstanding, as usual with Snom. Based on HD audio, it also works with advanced noise reduction.
If you are interested in Snom products, please contact us at or call +49 6172 1388-560.


Book giveaway:
Planet We

Making the economy and global politics competitively neutral
Is there a way to tackle and implement climate, social, economic, political turnarounds swiftly? The answer is the principle of competitive neutrality, the transformation of today’s betting economy into an eco-socially sustainable “Planet We Economy”.
What is the use of such important and correct demands if their implementation continuously paralyzes beyond comprehension – even in the face of unmistakable existential threats? Is there no way that climate, educational, social, economic, political and other necessary turnarounds can be tackled swiftly and implemented effectively?
The answer is as simple as it is spectacularly hopeful: even decidedly bold concepts for action pose absolutely no problem, even for business, if they fulfill one prerequisite, observe one principle: if they are competitively neutral. Competition-neutral solutions are win-win-win solutions per se, which is precisely why they give us back our effective ability to act. They are paving the way for a transformation of today’s betting economy into a thriving eco-socially sustainable “Planet We Economy.” This book explains the principle of competitive neutrality – and applies it to the major design levers from eco-social standards to local to global tax, education, and innovation policies.