Winter highlights from Clarity AG

The last newsletter of 2023 brings you news from the areas of Clarity and AI, a long-standing partnership, discounts for health and a book prize draw. Read more about the current topics:

  • News from the Clarity Communication Center
    Clarity and AI
  • Award-winning Clarity partner
  • Champions League winner triumphs in Clarity Arena
  • Do something good for yourself

News from Clarity
Communication Center

Better overview

Previously, the respective tab had to be opened in order to recognize how many participants had the status “Ready”. In practice, subscribers in a group are often active in several hotlines, which makes the overview more complex. The tabs behind the group name now show the number of subscribers who are on “Ready”. The new feature makes it possible to see at a glance how many users are ready in the respective group. The status of the group can now be clearly seen at a glance. Clarity AG thus lives up to its name even more.

bessere Übersicht Clarity
Extension of the hotkeys

The Clarity Communication Client offers the option of setting individual key combinations, often called hotkeys, for actions. Customers have repeatedly requested that the hotkeys should also be available in the web client in future. This will be the case in the future version. Users of the web client will then be able to select phone numbers from a third medium – such as an Excel list or a website – and dial them directly. This contributes significantly to greater user convenience.

In the next newsletter, you will find out more about individual call forwarding changes for various pause reasons. You can also look forward to the new release, which will appear in spring 2024. More exciting and new functionalities await you.

Clarity and KI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important digital topics of the future and is attracting increasing interest in companies. Artificial intelligence has long since developed into an everyday technology: The ChatGPT dialog system writes entire interpretations, logistics companies have autonomous flying drones in use and self-driving cars are already on the roads.

Clarity AG has been developing intelligent solutions and evaluating opportunities and challenges for organizations for over two decades. Every company is unique and has individual communication business processes. A wide variety of AI systems can be flexibly integrated into the Clarity Communication Center. For example, incoming calls can be delivered from the Clarity Communication Center to the AI, these calls are then processed and closed by the AI or transferred to the Clarity Communication Center in the corresponding customer hotline for further processing. To avoid occupying an additional voice channel, the customer call is transferred using the SIP refer method. This allows companies to prepare for a wide variety of situations in the future.


Excellent Clarity Partner

In cooperation with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, the F.A.Z. Institute for Management, Market and Media Information has examined the trustworthiness of around 18,000 companies from various sectors of the economy throughout Germany. The Clarity partner Snom Technology GmbH was rated as one of two highly trustworthy hardware manufacturers!

Clarity AG congratulates its partner Snom for this great award and sees its choice of partner confirmed.

Ausgezeichnete partner

Champions League winner
triumphs in Clarity Arena

Free tickets for the cup quarter-final with the participation of the Champions League winner were awarded in the September special newsletter. All readers who were unable to obtain a free ticket or were unable to attend for other reasons can find an update on the event below:

The eagerly awaited duel between TTC OE Bad Homburg and Champions League winners 1. FC Saarbrücken ended with an ultimately clear 0:3 for the guests. There was only a brief glimmer of hope for a real cup sensation on Friday evening in the Clarity Arena, which was packed with hundreds of spectators, when Csaba András reduced the deficit to 1:2 in the sets against national player Patrick Franziska. In the end, however, this was the only set win that the valiantly fighting Bad Homburgers were granted that evening against the Champions League winners.

Under the eyes of national coach Jörg Rosskopf, both Yuma Tsuboi, in what was probably the most spectacular match of the evening against his compatriot and defensive ace Yuto Muratmatsu, and Benno Oehme against Cedric Nuytinck failed to win a set in their defeats. Nevertheless, Managing Director Bernd Röschenthaler was delighted with the performance and, above all, the spectator response to the cup match. “The spectators created a great atmosphere today! That makes it really fun – even if it wasn’t enough to reach the quarter-finals in the end.”

ttcoe !

Do yourself some good

The cold season is upon us and with it comes not only frosty temperatures, but also an increased susceptibility to health challenges. The change of seasons can put a strain on the body and it is important to take appropriate measures to maintain good health during this time. Clarity AG’s health partner, Health Rise, provides valuable tips on its website on how to keep the immune system fit to get through the cold season. The Health Rise Shop offers high-quality vital substances, minerals and other micronutrients that sustainably boost the immune system.

And it gets even better: readers of the Clarity newsletter can use the code CLARITY23 to receive a 10% discount on all health products in the Health Rise Shop up to and including Christmas, outside of current discount campaigns. “Health” is a particularly popular gift at Christmas in this country.

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